Skills Development

If your annual salary bill is over R500k you will be paying a Skills Development Levy of 1% of the total annual salary bill. By submitting a Workplace Skills Plan and Annual Training Report by the 1st of June each year (period runs from 1st of April to the 31st of March), you can get at least half of your levy paid back to you. A great bonus.

You should also look at any learnerships that might be applicable to you. Learnerships are run on a similar basis as the old apprenticeship system with a theoretical aspect (provided by an accredited training provider) and practical experience (provided by yourselves). There are advantages to running learnerships – the organisation qualifies for a tax deduction of up to R50,000 per completed learnership, you get points on your BEE Scorecard and at the end of the learnership you get to cherry pick the best graduates.

If you would like help completing and submitting your Workplace Skills Plan and/or Annual Training Report or you need assistance investigating possible learnerships, contact a PeopleWise consultant.