Human Resource Systems and Consultation

Every organisation has its own unique

South African labour legislation is becoming increasingly complex and onerous on business owners and management. Statistics show that 87% of cases brought the CCMA are lost by organisations, often because the correct procedures were not followed and/or the necessary records weren’t kept. PeopleWise can help you create and implement a Human Resources system, containing the documentation required in terms of Labour Relations legislation and CCMA requirements to pro-actively protect your business.

In addition our consultants are always available to help you with any problems or questions that you might have.

PeopleWise can help you with your Human Resource and labour issues by providing the following services:

1. Development of an HR system

  • Create the necessary employment contracts.
  • Create the necessary policies for this structure i.e. a Code of Good Practice, Sexual Harassment, HIV/AIDS, Electronic Communication, Absenteeism and Desertion policies etc.
  • Create Disciplinary and Grievance policies and procedures and associated documentation for the organisation.
  • Provide an electronic and hard copy template of all documentation developed for the organisation.

2. Training

  • Train Management as to the correct procedures to follow in disciplinary and grievance matters.
  • Conduct the necessary training and workshops with Management and employees to ensure all individuals are familiar with the contents of the Human Resource systems and how it applies to them.

3. Consultation

  • Provide updates of the organisation’s policies and procedures when necessary.
  • Provide ongoing consultation and advice regarding any employment or labour related issues.