Don’t miss out! Mandatory Grant Application Deadline – 30th April 2014

If your organisation wishes to claim up to 20% of its Skills Development Levy back, you need to submit the Mandatory Grant application to your SETA by the end of April 2014.

The Mandatory grant basically captures following information:

         Current workforce profile

         Planned training

         Details of training implemented in the past Training Year

         Scarce and Critical Skills

         Pivotal programmes planned or implemented- learnerships, apprenticeships, internship, degrees and diplomas etc.

These reports need to be submitted to the organisation’s SETA (Sectoral Education and Training Authority) online.

What is important from a BEE perspective is that if your organisation has a gross annual turnover of over R35 million (i.e. is measured under the Generic Scorecard for BEE purposes)- the organisation cannot count one cent of its training spend towards  the Skills Development Pillar of its BEE Scorecard unless it has successfully submitted its Mandatory Grant Application.

In addition, the organisation cannot apply for discretionary grants or register learnerships without first having submitted the Mandatory Grant Application.

If you need help with any of the following aspects of Skills Development, please contact Claire Stewart from PeopleWise (contact details below).

         Skills Audits

         Training Budgets

         Sourcing accredited training and Training Providers

         Training the Skills Committee

         Submitting the organisation’s Mandatory Grant Application

         Applying for a Discretionary Grant

         Implementing Learnerships with the organisation

         Maximising BEE points under Skills Development with the most efficient use of spend.



Claire Stewart (registered External Skills Development Facilitator)

Telephone: 031 266 7360

Mobile: 082 857 9396