Skills Development Facilitation

The purpose of the Skills Development Act is to encourage employers to develop and improve the skills of their employees.

In terms of the Act, organisations that have an annual payroll of over R500 000 are required to pay a Skills Development Levy of 1% of their payroll to SARS. SARS then pays this across to the relevant Skills Education and Training Authority (SETA). 

By submitting a Mandatory Grant application to the relevant SETA, organisations can claim up to 20% of this levy back in the form of a Mandatory Grant.

In addition, once the Mandatory Grant Application has been accepted by the SETA, the organisation is eligible to apply for discretionary grants from the SETA. Discretionary grants usually fund longer-term training initiatives like learnerships/ apprenticeships or internships that address skills shortages in the industry.

The successful submission of a Mandatory Grant is a key requirement for the Skills Development pillar of the BEE Scorecard.

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2. Learnerships

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